Why and how to pay for vacations using crypto?

Did you know that a year ago, there existed over 25,000 cryptocurrencies? Why are they so popular, and what are their benefits? First of all, let's look at the differences between crypto and cash.

Value and volatility
A dollar remains worth a dollar, despite how much money has passed, while the market value of cryptocurrencies may change every day or even every minute. This, however, does not apply to the so-called stablecoin, like USDT, USDC, DAI, which have values tied to that of another currency (in this case, to the US dollar).
Cash is centralised, which means it is maintained by the government and controlled by a person or entity. For instance, digital cash transactions are fulfilled via a third party. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised and don't use third parties. All you need to make a direct transaction to another person is an internet connection and a crypto wallet.
Safety and security
Cash stored in a bank or another financial institution is safe, but printed cash can be counterfeited. Cryptocurrencies can be stored either in self-custody or third-party custody. However, as there are many cryptocurrencies, some networks are easier to hack or scam than others.

Safety and security
Deposits in every cash currency are insured by some government agency, but as for cryptocurrencies, there are no such organisations, so there is no recovery or protection option.
All currencies have many established regulations, like a serial number or a water mark. Regulations for cryptocurrencies differ based on a user's location and are prone to constant changes, so there is some uncertainty about using them.
Cash supply is controlled by governments, and supplies of cryptocurrencies may vary. For example, Bitcoin is limited, and Ethereum has an indefinite supply.
As for cash, there are some restrictions due to the bank's working days and hours, plus withdrawal limits. Cryptocurrencies are only digital; instead, they are available 24/7, no matter which holiday it is.
The cash system, including coins and notes, has existed for around 300 years. Cryptocurrency, though, is relatively new, with the first one launched in 2009. For now, the crypto market is still unpredictable and volatile.

All in all, having compared cash to crypto, it is easy to see that they are not substitutes and have completely different properties.
Next, let's review the potential benefits of the blockchain technology used in cryptocurrencies.

It is nearly impossible to hack a public blockchain, but the level of security varies from one blockchain to another, which causes some uncertainty.
A public blockchain is similar to an open book because anyone connected to the internet can see all the data within. Each data point comprises a time stamp and the sender's and receiver's public keys, so one can trace all transaction information.
Sometimes, bank transactions take 3-5 business days, while some blockchain networks allow sending money across the globe in only 10 minutes. Some platforms, such as Tron, provide even faster speed, up to 2-3 seconds.
No fees
By paying with digital currencies, you avoid international exchange fees, rates, and card charges. Crypto can be used anywhere as long as the merchant accepts it.

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